Monthly Archives: December 2009

If You Want New Year Resolutions To Work

I do not make New Year resolutions. It is probably the worst time to make any resolutions at all. Like the smokers who say that they are going to quit smoking at midnight but there they are partying and dying for a smoke then finally giving in as they order another beverage. My thought is […]

The Most Stupid Temperature of Doneness on a Steak

Medium Well. I say Medium Well because why bother just having a thin line of pink in the middle. Is that thin line of pink in the middle surrounded by well done meat all around it going to make a difference on how dry your steak is going to taste? Besides being silly, it must […]

I Am Not Tired From Work , Just Tired

A few people in the past have commented on the fact that working in the evening and getting up early in the morning with young kids can be tiring. Well to be honest it is tiring during the Christmas break. Tonight I was dead on my feet. I did manage okay but with the young […]

If You Show These Three Traits You Will Usually Stand Out Amongst the Rest

The three traits I am about to tell you of has really nothing to do about waiting on tables. It has nothing to do with where you work or where you live but it has everything to do with you as a person. Last night I was at the computer terminal punching in an order […]

Gotta Love Gift Cards

The place was packed tonight. Must have been a 2 hour wait , longer than anytime the past couple of months. Nice tips and I guess there were a lot of gift cards under the tree cause everyone had one. Didn’t hurt the average cheque as people were eating like kings tonight. People are still […]

My Favourite Couple , NOT !

What a great Christmas we had the past two days. Christmas Eve I worked and made some good money but as an example of what patience a waiter must have I will go through my couple that request me all the time and their order. Here it goes. They were the last to leave at […]

Merry Christmas

Well with all the stuff I still have to get done today and heading off to work mid afternoon I just want to wish everyone a great Christmas out there. In the past year I have made a lot of new friends out there in blog land and looking forward to meeting more in 2010. […]

When You Present the Bill Do You Do This?

Write happy holidays with a smiley face. Or draw a happy face with a big thank you and exclamation point. I don’t write anything on the back of the cheque when I present it in a bill fold. I just say thank you and have a great Christmas or whatever occasion it may be. Either […]

What a Night

I started at 5:30 and had tables 1 through 4. They joined 1 and 2 together then 3 and 4. So I had one party of 8 and another of 7. I waited till 7 for the 8 to arrive then another 30 minutes before the 7 top which actually turned into a five. Just […]

Always Tell The Supervisor

Three nights ago I had this table of 10. Some arrived early and ordered some drinks that was followed shortly thereafter by the rest of the crowd. The first few brought a cake for the girl with the seventeenth birthday. Oh joy! So I put it in the fridge as it was her favourite cake […]