Back to Work Tonight

The biggest motivating factor for me going back to work tonight after having a great vacation is now thinking about next year’s vacation. Yes I know there is a lot of room in between for other things to take place but this past two weeks has made me decide that everyone should take a couple […]

Bartending , Wine Courses and Television Updates

Okay I am getting to be a ham. I love the camera and live shows. On Thursday I am on Daytime Rogers TV live at 10 Am with a few slots doing wine. Then on February 13th going on ATV morning show again for 3 minutes to do a wine for Valentine Day. Sooner or […]

Gruner Veltliner

The grape of Austria this white wine grape variety will never achieve greatness but will rarely disappoint either. It is suitable for people who like to drink their wine to quench their thirst rather than sit and ponder after each sip. A late ripener , Gruner needs a mild autumn that cannot be offered further […]

The Two Most Important Times of the Day Someone in Charge Has to Be In the Restaurant

Okay maybe it’s just me but there is some places that everyone has worked at where the restaurant serves breakfast , lunch , and dinner like the inn where my wife works. There is perhaps a Restaurant Manager and 3 Supervisors. When my wife opens for breakfast there is always the problem that the night […]