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Chateau Mango In India?

Here is a post on how wine made from mangos is looking to hit the ground running in India. Now that would be something to try. This post is courtesy of

Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson of the Winnipeg Free Press on Okanagan Wines of British Columbia

Here is a nice write up on how wines from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia are measuring up to other wines around the world. The weather in this part of Canada is similar and for that matter hotter than some spots in California. I lived not far from Penticton for a while back in […]

8 Most Exotic Drinks in the World by Katie at

Click on the title for these delicious drink recipes. Here are 8 beautiful exotic cocktails to enjoy while cruising on the high seas. Thanks Katie!

Who to Tip and How Much By Josh Smith at Walletpop

Click on the title to see Josh’s article on who gets what in the tipping world. Do you agree or disagree?

Wine Word of the Week by Tim Burke of the Palm Beach Post

Wine Word of the Week Well I am back to posting on wine and food as well as cruiseships. But this time I am going to use my twitter feed to pick out interesting articles for your reading pleasure. It is much easier and this way I can concentrate on the other blog about cruise […]

Komodo Island

A nice shot by Michael Peck on Flickr. Thanks Michael! The Komodo dragon is finishing off a deer. If you ever get a chance to cruise around Indonesia , one of the stops you have to make is Komodo Island , a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You get there by tender from the ship then […]

Renaissance VIII 1992 ( I opened this one )

Renaissance VIII Cruise Feeling a bit nostalgic right now. I helped open this ship back in 1992. When you click on the link above it will give you the details and the photo. First I opened the seventh ship named Regina Renaissance and during the same contract headed to this one to open it as […]

Winning Isn’t Everything But Trying Is ( Why You Should Enter )

Here is some more information on the win a cruise contest that I have mentioned a few times already on this blog. Someone asked me what were the chances of winning so I thought I would give you some info on last year’s contest. Last year the contest ran and there were 170,000 people who […]

Norwegian Epic

Click on the title for a preview of the Norwegian Epic that has just been launched. It is doing Caribbean cruises in the winter then heading to Barcelona in the Summer. It has got everything. What a way to travel!


The first time I was ever in Monaco was back in 1977 when my friend and I leased a car and traveled around the Mediterranean. It was a quick pass through on our way to camping in Antibes France. The second time I was there I will never forget. I just got hired as a […]