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A Waste of Potential

A couple of posts ago I was mentioning the bar tending course and the lack of registrants that I had in order to make the course a go this semester. There are a lot of people who think bar tending and waiting on tables is a bit below them. That they can walk into any […]

The Best Fireworks Display in the World

Fireworks in Iceland    Click on the fireworks in Iceland for the link  to see some awesome fireworks from Iceland. This is no symphony of fire or some controlled fireworks in some park. This scene is just a tad of what you would see if you were there in person. Everyone lights them up. Happy New […]

15 Years Ago Today

That is when my future wife came to Canada from Iceland. That was a very good day!

Heading to Iceland on Vacation

I hope everyone in the service industry gets a good vacation this summer. I am off to Iceland with the family for a couple of weeks. Take care everyone!

Eurovision Song Contest Final Today

For the past 56 years Europe has held a song contest. This year there is 42 countries competing for the title of best song. Such groups as Abba got their start by winning the contest for Sweden with Olivia Newton John finishing second that same year. Celine Dion won representing Switzerland in 1988. You can […]

An Incredible Serendipitous Chain of Events Leads To Marriage

In April of 1995 a new stewardess comes on board while our ship is in Monte Carlo. I was working as a waiter in the dining room and it was just after breakfast when I was heading out for an espresso and I see this red head at the reception with a suitcase. Having heard […]

The Book

There is nothing that is more exciting than putting your own story out there for other people to see.In this book of which I am co-author I have my story on how I got started in this crazy Hospitality Industry when I was 20 years of age and worked and traveled almost everywhere for close […]