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The Answers

Here they are. I think this week was an easy one. All of you did very well. 1. Omelet Rossini is with sauteed goose liver and truffles. 2. The Mousseline sauce is with added whip cream at the end to your Hollandaise. 3. The Maltaise sauce is with your orange juice and blanched zest of […]

It is Thursday’s Quiz

Another week has flown by and the only thing I can say about my night at work tonight is I didn’t make much money but some older woman said I looked like Leonard Cohen. That was a first for me and my wife wholeheartedly disagrees with that. I wonder what Leonard looked like when he […]

The Quiz

It is Tuesday again and we are getting ready for the great quiz. I am at a company baseball tournament today but not playing but did offer my services for the home run derby. If it takes place while I am there during the afternoon I am going to bat. It has been a few […]

The 5 Answers

Okay here it goes. 1. Du Barry in French cooking will always contain white cauliflower in the dish. 2. Debarrasser la table will mean clear the table. The accent on the first e is missing but not sure how to get the French keyboard to get that fixed. 3. Crecy in French cooking will have […]

5 Questions To Test Your Knowledge

Here is the 5 questions for this week. Answers will be posted tomorrow. George you did well last week so let’s see if you can continue raising the bar for the others. 1. In classical French Cooking when you see the name Du Barry what vegetable will always be part of the dish ? 2. […]

The Answers

Okay how did you do on yesterday’s quiz? 1. This wasn’t an easy one but the mammal that makes a good venison and found in the mountainous regions of the southern alps and Pyrenees of Southern France and northern Spain is called Chamois. 2. A la printaniere means spring vegetables usually prepared by tossing in […]

The Tuesday Quiz Makes a Return

Not sure how long I will continue doing the quiz. We will see what kind of response I get from this one. Had a great vacation and I hope you are all enjoying your summer , wet or dry. 1. What is the wild mammal’s name that resembles a deer and considered one of the […]

Five Tantalizing Questions To Test Your Knowledge

Here it goes the Tuesday quiz. I will be out most of the day so do your best and will post the answers later on tonight. 1. What is the name of a chocolate-orange liqueur that comes from a town called Rehovot in Israel that was introduced in the 1960’s? 2. The term “cordial” used […]