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When Upselling This Word Works For Me

I have noticed lately that my check average is about $10 higher in the last month or so which I guess you could say has helped me make okay money when compared to others whom I work with. Especially in these slow times we are experiencing. One thing I am really focusing on is selling […]

Some Articles I Wrote a While Back Before I started this blog I belonged to an article writing group and I submitted a bunch of articles that if you did a search on Steve Nicolle I am scattered pretty much everywhere. I wanted to promote myself as a speaker on the hospitality industry and perhaps do some stuff with training others. […]

Bring Back the Pepper Mills Please

Where I work last night management decided to hide some salt and peppers that we normally put on the table upon the guest’s arrival. Whether they have ordered their food or not nearly all the time at one point in the meal one or the other will be used to sprinkle over their food. Well […]