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My First Full Day at the New Job

I have to say going from a full service casual fine dining steakhouse to an Irish pub the next day was a bit of a shellshock especially working in an airport. It was a great send off from the other job where on Saturday night I was presented with a big cake saying we will […]

Patience Does Pay Off

On Sunday night it was packed when I got into work. I was pre-close and the three tables I had two of them were already being used for another group by another waiter. My other table was reserved and stayed that way for an hour. Finally I get the table. Doesn’t look like it will […]

Nice To Be Off for Two Days Now

Well this afternoon went in for 3:30 and had a three table section. Two four tops and an 8 top. Got sat the two fours but the 8 was empty till after 6 which didn’t surprise me as it was Valentine’s Day after all. At the end of the night served the most people at […]

Is Obesity a Big Concern for Most People?

I saw the other day where McDonalds is coming up with these Buttermilk Biscuits in the morning. Other places seem to come up with some feature that is bound to put a tire around someone’s waist. Like the KFC double down I think it was. People who say they want to watch their weight order […]

This Is Really Rude and It Really Winds Me Up

The one thing that is happening a lot lately it seems is I may be taking an order from one table and my other table nearby starts calling for me. Can they not see I am with this other table. Do they not have any manners? I tell you in the past little while where […]

Career Progression In The Restaurant Industry is Going From Waiter to Restaurant Manager Then Back to Waiter

Today I heard the news from a friend who works at a Corporate Restaurant that one of the Managers that just turned 50 years old a few months ago got a demotion. Apparently the demotion was not really because of his work but more like they were telling him that the door is over there […]

Early Cuts Can Make a Difference

It was a snowy day in these parts. The same system that had hit a lot of the States already made it’s way up here last night and continued most of the day today. When I left for work at 5PM it was still coming down and the roads were not good. Walked into work […]