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The Answers to This Mornings Quiz

Here they are. 1. Desosser is to remove meat from the bone. 2. That German specialty is a Cream of Chicken soup unique to that country. 3. The garnish for the Madrilene soup is diced tomatoes. 4. You wouldn’t serve the Bombay as that is the only gin amongst the group. 5. In a Monte […]

The Answers to Yesterday’s Quiz

How did you do? Let’s find out. 1. Scotch Broth should have barley in it. 2. Sobressada comes from Spain , most notably Mallorca where Sobressada de Mallorca is protected so that no imitators can copy this dish. 3. The Indian cheese we are talking about is Surati manufactured in the town of Surat. 4. […]

The 5 Answers to Today’s Quiz

Okay now that you have tried to answer some of this morning’s quiz here they are. 1. The Negroni has gin in it as well. Sweet vermouth , campari , and the gin are served in equal amounts over ice and the garnish is with an orange. 2. Chasselas is the grape for making the […]


Okay here are the answers to today’s quiz. Are you ready? 1. The country where Nasi Goreng originated is Indonesia. 2. Pesto is that sauce that originated in Genoa. 3. The saucepan comes by the name of Po√™lon in French. 4. Sorringue in the 15th Century featured eel as the fish. 5. Tabbouleh is the […]