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March Is A Pivotal Month

March for me has been the month to get things set up for the summer. So it is work for me this month beginning with picking up two shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday so I am on 6 in a row. It has been slow some nights during February due to the enthusiastic viewing of […]

My Top Five Jobs – Number 1

For those of you who have been reading this blog for any length of time you would know my number 1 job was working with Renaissance Cruises between 1992 and 1996. The places I saw and the things I did with the people I met was unforgettable. Waiting on a cruise ship is like being […]

There Is A Vague Chance We’ll Order Dessert

Those are the words one doesn’t like to hear when it is their last table. The couple were sipping and I mean sipping on their last glass of wine and talking. Forty minutes ago I gave them dessert menus which they hadn’t even looked at. The guy was a pompous arshole trying to be the […]

Make’em Laugh

Last night I was delivering some bacon wrapped scallops to a table. As I approached the couple I put it in the centre of the table when the ensuing conversation took place. Her: Oh no that is for my husband. I don’t like seafood.Me: I don’t like seafood either.Her: Oh really.Me: Yes everytime I see […]

Thanks But I Will Just Stick To Buying My Own Beer

Last night was not one of your busy nights. I had 3 tables going and then I was cut and walked out with $46. So I planted myself at the bar and ordered myself a couple of staff beers and watched our Canadian hockey team eke out a shootout win over the mighty Swiss. For […]

I Lost It For A Moment Last Sunday

I had this table of two ( which makes sense cause it was Valentines anyway ) that comes in after waiting a bit at the bar. He comes to the table with a glass of wine. Without ordering anything else to drink other than water they both order an entree. I think they had an […]

A Twist Of Fate – 1993

In 1992 after my first contract on the ships I came back to Canada to take the Cordon Bleu Pastry Course in Ottawa. The course was starting in September and I had managed to procure some affordable accomodation at the YMCA during the three months the course would last. I was working between the Chateau […]