My Rant of the Week

To continue the thought I had last week about why the Hospitality Industry may be short of employees I have something else to add. I am not looking at changing or making a move up anywhere. In fact if there is an opportunity to make more money I just need to work more hours at what I am doing. But to recruit more people to the industry with the thought of advancing them on to management I offer this thought..

Here in Canada I see a lot of ads where the Restaurant Manager’s salary ranges around the $40,000 a year mark. As an Assistant it is even worse.

In the United States however it is more than what they pay here.

So with the lower wage the food server or bartender earns in the States it is probably advantageous to work yourself up to being a manager if you live there. On the other hand with the higher wage per hour earned in Canada combined with the lower salaries paid to managers there is no incentive to raising yourself higher than the service position you may currently have as a waiter or bartender.

Perhaps that is why the industry has such a high demand for managers. Why would anyone want to take a position with relatively little security, a huge number of hours to work, little schedule flexibility, and a guarantee that you will work nearly every holiday, and with a pay after taxes equal to that of a person who works normal hours?

Now I am not saying there are not high paying manager positions available here  but they are far less than the mountains of manager jobs that if you divided the number of hours you work into your salary it wouldn’t amount to much more than your minimum wage.

Perhaps the industry should start to rethink the entry level positions that pay little and reward those who enter it with an incentive to stay on and make it a career. I think though most employers hire people with that 2-3 year window of employment and then when it comes to raise their pay it is already pre-determined that at a certain point the employee will be let go for some reason. If there is not a good reason they will make up one. I have seen it before not happen to me but to others. It is cruel but to constantly hire new people every so often the company saves money. Especially the hotels I find.

I am just saying….

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