Monthly Archives: June 2009

The Answers

Okay here are the answers to this morning’s mind twisting five questions. 1. If it is not Champagne then it is called Cremant and when you see it would be for example Cremant d’Alsace which would be a sparkling wine from the Alsace region of France and as a note these Cremants found everywhere in […]

This Week’s Quiz

Here we go right into it. Hope everyone is having a great week out there! 1. We know that the Champagne region in France has exclusive rights to the word champagne for it’s sparkling wine but they do make sparkling wines elsewhere in France that cannot use the word champagne. Instead this word is used […]

Waiting on Tables Is What I Do

At the beginning of the month I was wondering if all the restaurant goers decided to go on holiday at the same time. The first two weeks were brutal. Now heading into the last few days of the month it looks like we are on track to beat our earnings from last June which is […]

Do You Prefer To Open or Close?

Most of the time I am the pre-closer or closer where I work and a lot of the time other waiters ask me whether I ask to be this. Everyday they see me doing the closing. Well first of all I do not ask to be a closer unless it is a Tuesday when that […]

It Is Going to Be a Great Summer!

Well it has been a pretty good week for this household. First of all the boys finished school yesterday and my grade 2 guy is once again in the excellence club with even his classmates telling me that he is the smartest in the class. Our younger guy is going into Senior Kindergarten next year […]

Hey I Am 20 Years Old Again

Just more proof that no matter how long you work in this business and how much education you have , experience counts for nothing. Let me see after 30 years I have done a lot of things. All you have to do is look at the profile. A couple of weeks ago when I thought […]

Was It 8:45 Or 9:00 PM?

Well thank you for your interesting comments. Okay so here we are the chef and I sitting in the dining room. We have been there for the lunch and now we might have had a table or two early on but it has been empty for the last two hours. Some nights no one would […]