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Do I Pack the Leftovers or Do They?

I have been giving some thought recently on what I should do when a guest wants the rest of his or her food packed so they can eat the leftovers at home or feed it to their dog. More and more it is becoming a common occurence each evening when I am the busiest that […]

What Recession?

This past week has been pretty weird at work.I mean here we are in the throes of a downturn in the economy what with the manufacturing job losses here in Ontario , the rising gas prices because of a hurricane taking place far away in the Southern U.S., a drop in the stock market last […]

Ten Reasons Why People Should Consider a Career in Hospitality Industry

Little did I know back in 1979 when I took a Bartending Course that I would have the opportunity to travel , make a great income , have flexibility to do the things I wanted while working , and meet great people along the way. The top ten reasons I am still waiting on tables […]