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March Is A Pivotal Month

March for me has been the month to get things set up for the summer. So it is work for me this month beginning with picking up two shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday so I am on 6 in a row. It has been slow some nights during February due to the enthusiastic viewing of […]

When Upselling This Word Works For Me

I have noticed lately that my check average is about $10 higher in the last month or so which I guess you could say has helped me make okay money when compared to others whom I work with. Especially in these slow times we are experiencing. One thing I am really focusing on is selling […]

It Was Relentless

Okay I haven’t commented or posted over the weekend due to the hundreds of people we served over the weekend. Valentines combined with the fact it fell on the weekend meant Friday Saturday and Sunday were going to be busy. Today is a provincial holiday so it will be busy again but I am not […]

My Best Top 5 Jobs – Number 2

The last few weeks I have been going through what I consider my top 5 jobs of all time. Some that were pretty good didn’t make the list but the reason why I chose what I did choose was not only were they fine jobs but each one changed my life in a certain way. […]

Kneeling Down

Sometimes while I am working I see a waiter or waitress kneel down to speak with the guest at eye level and take the order. I personally couldn’t do this cause I would have a hard time standing up afterwards and after only a couple of times my back would begin to ache. I am […]

Seriously You Gotta Be Kidding?

This table tonight the boy wanted another root beer so the mother asked me if sodas were refills and I said they sure were. Totally serious she then asked me if the draft beer she was drinking was as well. No…I said. Okay she answered , I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask… Seriously […]

A Mistake Earned Me $9.00 More From a Cheap Table

Some nights ago we changed our menu and with it the prices went up as well. Since the New Year began it has been the gift cards floating around out there that has helped keep the place busy until Valentine’s Day anyway. Last Saturday I get this real cheap table. I know they are cheap […]

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Last night on a slow night made a $100 and have found a way to remember these recipes much better. You know the saying how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Well rather than try to cram all these recipes in my brain , I pick one and mention it to […]

My Top Five Jobs – Number 3

To recap I am going over my top 5 jobs that I have ever worked at over the years. Number 5 is where I work now and number 4 was the Pallisades Restaurant in Jasper Alberta. My number 3 favourite job gave me an opportunity to work abroad. Back in 1987 I was going to […]

Five Take Out Containers Should Do It

You wonder why people order what they do expecting they will eat everything. Last night I had this three top that ordered some appetizers. One of them ordered two hot appetizers and a salad then our huge steak fajitas. Another had one hot appetizer , a salad , followed by a steak. The last one […]