Monthly Archives: November 2009

Naughty Naughty Mr. Waiter You Made a Boo-Boo

Okay tonight I was struggling a bit. Maybe it is because I have to get up so darn early after a late Saturday night to drive my wife to work before 6 Am so I can have the car to get my son to his soccer game at 8Am. But anyway the last two Sundays […]

Don’t You Hate To Hear This!

Three ladies come in the other night and upon greeting them and getting their drinks asked if they were ready to order. One pipes up , “We haven’t even looked yet , we will be here all night as we haven’t seen one another in over a year.” Needless to say I was cut at […]

Check This Blog Out For Cooking Temperatures

In Ontario Canada where I work there is another blog that takes part in the quiz each week that is from here as well. Sous Gal works in the kitchen and is up on this more than I and she goes in depth about cooking temperatures. A lot of it is news to me. You […]

Friday Nights are Terrible Now

The last two Fridays have been awful. I did 16 people tonight then I was cut and walked out with $82 which was pretty good considering my sales were not that great. I think where I work it could be we do not reservations on Friday and Saturday so with the Christmas parties starting just […]

The First Time In 10 Years

I got another call from work the following day on my second day off in a row. I called them back this time knowing there was no way I could get into work , unlike the night before when they found someone else by the time I called them back. There is swimming and piano […]

The Answers

Here they are. I think this week was an easy one. All of you did very well. 1. Omelet Rossini is with sauteed goose liver and truffles. 2. The Mousseline sauce is with added whip cream at the end to your Hollandaise. 3. The Maltaise sauce is with your orange juice and blanched zest of […]

Here is the Quiz

Last week I got a lot of interest in the espagnole sauce. This week I don’t know what will happen but let’s give it a whirl and test your knowledge again. I am going to stay clear of Larousse this week. 1. Omelet Rossini has what two ingredients mixed with the beaten eggs before the […]

A Logical Answer

The other day someone asked me why we don’t serve pasta or vegetarian dishes.My response was that we are a steakhouse. Their reply was I guess you are right , this is a steakhouse. Whenever someone ask you an obvious question give them the logical answer. End of story.

What I Like About Where I Work That is Different

For most of my waiting days I have been a part of a small team. In fact sometimes where I have worked I have been the only guy working on the floor so I had to be there no matter what. Other times someone may have called in sick and I was the only other […]

I Did Everything I Could Do To Walk Out With $70 Last Night

I upsold on the size of steak. I upsold to and sold again our big 9 oz glass of wine. I asked if people wanted a salad to go along with that and sold some of those. I made sure as many people drank coffee and ordered dessert as possible. I got some add-ons to […]