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Good Service Always Brings People Back

The other night I was serving a couple with the husband’s mother. At the end of the meal the husband says to me you have worked here a while haven’t you? I answer yes about 3 years. He replies I know and we always get you as a waiter. I laugh and quip that I […]

Give You and the Guest Time

When carrying out the dinner service I find it impolite to rush people through their meal. Like having their entree arrive while they are still eating their appetizer. Nothing worse than making the guests feel rushed and hurried like you want them out the door. If the guest has ordered something hot like a French […]

The State of Mind The Guest Is In Makes the Difference

I haven’t posted lately so that I could catch up on some rest and do something else rather than plant myself in front of the computer. In fact it does one good to switch focus once in a while as family members have taken turns being sick in the house whereas I have so far […]

My Train Of Thought Before I Start A Shift

Here is what I have been doing for a long time before I start a shift in order that I get an edge in my mind and psyched up. I think everyday I show up at my job my performance this evening is going to be my last. I know it is crazy but last […]