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How Disgusting!

Had this couple come in last night as part of a table of 7. Aside from holding up the table for a good hour before anyone else joined them he was quite rude. He blew his nose in the clean nice white napkin at the table! In a honkin’ fashion to boot! How disgusting! It […]

If You Give Me That Look Again I Want Another Waiter

I have this 9 top tonight. The guys are all drinking and there is this one asshole who thinks he is something else. Anyway before the meal started I asked if it was all on one bill and they say yeah. Okay that is a good start. Then there is this one guy who orders […]

Should a Waiter Have The Right To Refuse To Wait On a Table?

The other night I had this table come and it was the second straight time I had to serve them. They are rude , oblivious to the fact that there are actually other people in the restaurant that have to be served as well , and when they order this one lady will order for […]