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These Happenings Can Only Occur Once In a Lifetime

I usually do not put a video on the blog but this one is quite good. My friend Robert forwarded on to me. I like the train one. Talk about a close call. Enjoy this one.


To continue from last week on Madeira and on fortified wines that were pretty popular in the past but not so much now , we are going to talk a bit about Marsala. Marsala comes from the island of Sicily and it’s name derives from the port of the same name located at the northwest […]

The Great Energizer

I am usually tired when I go to work or teach. I get up early enough and busy all day then in the afternoon I may take a quick nap but usually there are things to do. Getting in the car , I can hardly keep my eyes open when driving. Yawning , trying to […]

Answers to the Quiz Earlier Today

Okay here it goes. The answers from the quiz earlier today. 1. What also goes into the glass shaker for a Black and Tan cocktail that was not mentioned is 2 measures of Irish Whiskey. 2. Denmark is where Peter invented Cherry Heering. 3. Kummel’s main flavour comes from the caraway seed. 4. For a […]

It Is That Time Again – The Quiz

Okay here we go with the Tuesday quiz. The quiz that is both interesting and useless at the same time because most of these questions however interesting they may be , offer no real help in the day to day service we provide to the patron who comes for food and drink in our establishment. […]

Montreux Switzerland 1988-89

Now we are up to this point in my hospitality career when things are really beginning to get adventurous. After a short stint on the SS Norway and then going to French school , I heard of an exchange opportunity that existed for hospitality students between Canada and Switzerland. Signing up for it and later […]

A Good Night Tonight

Tonight was a good night. I opened at 3 PM and had a 4 table section. Three deuces and a four top. My sales were $1490 and I did 38 covers over 17 tables.My tip out was $52 and I walked out with $247 at 9:15. What am I nuts to change jobs!!! I am […]