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The Big Motivational Speech

This Monday is the last class for bartending until the Fall and all the time on the 9th class I give a big motivational speech especially aimed at the young ones. What I say is quite simple. Thirty years ago I was in a Bartending course just like this one and I had no idea […]

It Is The Tuesday Quiz Time

Okay I am going to make this difficult this time around for a change , okay? The answers will be posted later tonight as usual. 1. Today you see in the liquor stores many different flavoured vodkas that are used to make many different martinis such as your raspberry or sour apple martinis. However in […]

The Five Questions of the Day

Here we go with the Tuesday quiz. Good luck! 1. Crema de Lima from Spain is what flavoured liqueur? 2. Creme Yvette is made from the petals of violet parma , is highly scented , and named after the French actress Yvette Guilbert. Where is it made? 3. This liqueur comes from the Basque region […]

The Bartending Course

Last week I completed one bartending class and next week finish up another. For those out there wondering how I go about teaching the course here is an outline of each week and what is all involved. The other day I was picking up our new van when I ran into a former student who […]

Answers to This Morning’s Quiz

Okay here we go once again with the answers to the quiz questions earlier today. 1. The main flavour component aside from a few herbs in Fior d’Alpi are the flowers that come from the region. Fior in italian means flower so literally, ” flowers of the Alps.” 2. Irish whiskey is the only whiskey […]

The Answers to Today’s Quiz

Hi everyone and here are the answers to this morning’s quiz. 1. Bagaceira is the Portugese brandy made from the pomace of crushed grapes. It’s called Marc in France and Grappa in Italy. That was a tough one. You pretty well had to be Portugese to get it right. 2. The name of the pasta […]

Christmas Cocktails

Since it is near the season I have decided to pass on these drink recipes I did on TV last week. Then next week we will do something else. The TV show went extremely well and they want me back closer to when the next courses start in mid – January to do some wine […]