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Are You Understanding and Able to Cut Your Server Some Slack When Something Isn’t Right?

Here is my next blogtalk scheduled for November 10th at 10AM. This time I will be taking your calls on what you think. More on this later. Meanwhile if you haven’t yet listened to a couple of minutes of the talk the other night just click on the box to the right. I did it […]

Blogtalk Radio Tonight at 11PM

Well tonight is the night for a live 30 minute talk on how a bartending course can help turn someone’s life around and make it exciting. I hope the sound effects during the show work. To listen in you can come back at 11PM EST and click on the box to the right. If this […]

Cabernet Franc Picking Time in Niagara

A great article on when the grape is ready to be picked. This is taken from the Ste.Catherines Ontario newspaper. Click on the title for the link.

Wine Etc.: Sampling wines from Spain’s Rioja Alta region • Food and Wine ( – The Capital)

Here is a good spot to read on some Spanish wines and wines in general. Click on the title for the link.

Blog Talk Radio

Next Tuesday at 11:00 Pm for those of you who will be up at that time I am doing a 30 minute talk on how things happened for me once I took the Bartending course and for the next 17 years after that. The travelling , fun , and frivolity I will try to pack […]

An Update

Lately you may have noticed my posts have just been feeds from my tweets on Twitter. When I stopped posting back in May I found it difficult at first not to post anything. The pneumonia also I caught back in May caught me for a loop. Of course if you do not post anything your […]

The Vine Guy: The diversity of Chilean wines | Washington Examiner

In celebration of the Chilean miners rescue a post on Chilean Wines. Well done Chile!!

If You Are in the GTA area and Sick of High Cell Phone Costs Read This

NEW Telecom Provider Comes to Town…..Why pay the Monopolies when you can Pay Yourself ? If …. you are open to something. I have a “GROUND FLOOR” opportunity not seen before in Canada….with a tremendous potential for an ongoing “Residual Income” Everyone Pays for their Telecom services every Month…cell phone, home phone, internet, television ( […]

For Timely and Relevant Information Subscribe to our 7Seas Newsletter

If you want to travel this year and don’t know where to start subscribe to our 7Seas Newsletter. You control what you want to arrive in your inbox each month. Stay informed and then when you are ready to make a decision call me. It is free all you have to do is click on […]

Wonderful Chardonnay Wine Comes From Oregon And Jory Soil

Here is an interesting article on Chardonnays from Oregon. Real informative.