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Are You Understanding and Able to Cut Your Server Some Slack When Something Isn’t Right?

Here is my next blogtalk scheduled for November 10th at 10AM. This time I will be taking your calls on what you think. More on this later. Meanwhile if you haven’t yet listened to a couple of minutes of the talk the other night just click on the box to the right. I did it […]

Blogtalk Radio Tonight at 11PM

Well tonight is the night for a live 30 minute talk on how a bartending course can help turn someone’s life around and make it exciting. I hope the sound effects during the show work. To listen in you can come back at 11PM EST and click on the box to the right. If this […]

Cabernet Franc Picking Time in Niagara

A great article on when the grape is ready to be picked. This is taken from the Ste.Catherines Ontario newspaper. Click on the title for the link.

Wine Etc.: Sampling wines from Spain’s Rioja Alta region • Food and Wine ( – The Capital)

Here is a good spot to read on some Spanish wines and wines in general. Click on the title for the link.

Blog Talk Radio

Next Tuesday at 11:00 Pm for those of you who will be up at that time I am doing a 30 minute talk on how things happened for me once I took the Bartending course and for the next 17 years after that. The travelling , fun , and frivolity I will try to pack […]

An Update

Lately you may have noticed my posts have just been feeds from my tweets on Twitter. When I stopped posting back in May I found it difficult at first not to post anything. The pneumonia also I caught back in May caught me for a loop. Of course if you do not post anything your […]

The Vine Guy: The diversity of Chilean wines | Washington Examiner

In celebration of the Chilean miners rescue a post on Chilean Wines. Well done Chile!!