Monthly Archives: August 2011

Here is the Write-Up Preview of the Customer Service Documentary I Played a Small Role

Here is a shot of me when I took part in the service documentary. I haven’t seen it but I understand I am on the 19th minute of the show. My appearance is not very long. Waiterrant is also on it and that is what the reference to the blog in the preview is all […]

Stagger Your Tables

When you have a big section and you get sat all at once learn to stagger your tables. What I mean by that is don’t have all the mains coming out all at once. Know what appetizers people are ordering , how fast do they want to eat , what are they drinking , is […]

Think About This One

In 1980 when I was bartending at Dr.Livingstons at the Bristol Place Hotel I made more than I did on Saturday night. I remember the captains at Zachary’s Dining Restaurant in the same hotel would walk out with $200 on a Saturday night. Thirty years ago I made the same money. Only difference back then […]

Here is What You Should Do If You Don’t Feel Like Working

Here it goes , I heard this before and heard it again today so I just wanted to pass this along. My wife and I celebrate 15 years of matrimony today. Can’t believe how the time flies. Here is the quote, “Act the way you want to feel and soon you’ll feel the way you […]

A Pretty Good Night Tonight

After going to my niece’s wedding last night and dancing my brains out and taking advantage of an open bar I went into work tonight. I was tired but not hung over. It was a slow night so I was cut early but not before I walked out with $147. Not bad considering I sold […]

Finding Something To Do in the Fall

The summer holidays are flying by and the kids are soon going to be back to school. Now unlike other years my wife works lunches now so with the kids all day in school I am left on my own during the day. As it is I kinda go stir crazy when I do have […]

Show an Interest Or Pay a Compliment

Lately what I have been trying to do especially at the end of the meal is show a sincere interest in getting to know the guest better. Not like personal questions but asking an open ended question like , how is your summer so far and then listening. If they have kids and they have […]

The SpongePuppet Show: Question of the Quirkiest

Here is my son Adam’s movie he did the past day. What a pro!

How Immigration Will Affect the Next Generation of Waiters

Okay this may give you some food for thought. Up until I say about 25 years ago before the world started to become a smaller place due to technology and the internet Canada and the United States were considered by many to be the countries to immigrate to and for good reason. Our economies were […]

Buying Power Versus Disposable Income

A few months ago I did a post on what I could sum up as when I made a $100 back in 1980 it was awesome but when I make it now it can be considered a good night. Not good in the sense that when you made that back then it was abnormal but […]