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Include The Textbook

Had an email from the course administrator yesterday with regards to how much the bartending course is going to cost the student and that most teachers who teach bartending with the College do not have a textbook with the course. I am the only one who does apparently. I personally think a book on how […]

An Opportunity Worth Checking Out

Just came across an ad for an Operations Manager for a new dining room at the main campus of the College with whom I already teach bartending. It is a two year contract , probably has some benefits to go along with it and paid holidays perhaps. I like what I am doing but since […]

Quiz Answers Second Instalment

Well I hope you are having some fun as I am doing this. Here are the answers. 1. Grappa is to Italy what Marc is to France. Therefore Marc is the answer. 2. The customary way in which the French drink Marc is to dip a sugar cube in the Marc and suck the spirit […]

The Numbers Are In

It has come to my attention that for the first time that I can remember where I work is busy all the time. After New Year’s Eve there is usually a lull in most places even in good economic times during the first week of January. Well last night we did close to 700 covers […]


Gin has an interesting history that not a lot of people know about , and because there is not a slew of cocktails you can make from it other than your martinis , pink lady , and having it with tonic I thought perhaps a discussion on how gin got started and the different types […]