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Teaching and Other Good Things

Well the bartending class I teach is going great. I have a group of enthusiastic students who are right there from beginning to end and don’t even want to stop for a break. I had a great week at work. The income was excellent and things are picking up where my wife is working lunches. […]

The Singapore Sling

Now I know the way a lot of Singapore Slings are made today. I notice that bartenders don’t even shake the drink anymore. They take a rock glass put some ice in it then the Gin add some lemon bar mix right out of the gun , a little orange juice then top it off […]

Bartending in 2008

My first class teaching Bartending last night went as well as could be expected.For one thing I have 14 students who are eager to know how to mix some drinks and make some money for every reason from getting through university to one person who is opening up a restaurant / banquet hall and thinks […]

Ten Reasons Why People Should Consider a Career in Hospitality Industry

Little did I know back in 1979 when I took a Bartending Course that I would have the opportunity to travel , make a great income , have flexibility to do the things I wanted while working , and meet great people along the way. The top ten reasons I am still waiting on tables […]

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