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Some Articles I Wrote a While Back Before I started this blog I belonged to an article writing group and I submitted a bunch of articles that if you did a search on Steve Nicolle I am scattered pretty much everywhere. I wanted to promote myself as a speaker on the hospitality industry and perhaps do some stuff with training others. […]

What Do You Do In This Situation?

Here is a good question for you waiters out there. I was once told that when you give the bill to someone and after you have run it through the credit card machine that when you bring it back , instead of just dropping it off to be signed and go somewhere else you should […]

Sizing Up The Customer

I am reading this book called “Blink” and what it is about basically is how we within seconds make a decision about something. Then the more we think after that just confuses us until most of the time we realize our initial first impression was correct all along. For example , at the end of […]

A Delicate Situation

So yesterday’s post was what I do when I clear the table and there is still quite a bit of food left on a person’s plate. You will have to check it out for that full story but last night’s service brought on a variation of the quality check the waiter always does once the […]

Is It The Desire to Look Good or Greed or Both

Last night was busy. Our policy in the restaurant is not to take any reservations on Friday and Saturday night. I have a very small section as there are a lot of servers on so I get a 3 top and the other tables are joined together to make an 8 top. Some people are […]

Laughter Filled the Room

My talk of approxiamately 50 minutes in front of about 55-60 seniors went extremely well. I started off with a joke regarding the election today which got them laughing then continued on with all the places and situations I found myself while managing restaurants and waiting on tables from 1986-1996. During this time I explained […]

The First Thing You Should Do Upon Greeting a Guest

Yesterday I was back at work for my start at 3:15.I always go way early when I have to open and since I was off for 3 days I thought I would head out to be there for 2:30.One thing I hate is to have to rush to get everything done then the first customer […]