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You’ve Got Some Nerve!

So these two guys walk in and take their table of two. They ask me for two big 9oz glasses of wine so I go get it. I come back with them and they say would it be possible to get a bottle. Well yes Mr. Arshole sure you can. I get them a bottle. […]

Holiday Scheduling

My employer usually does the schedule for us two weeks in advance so that we can request certain days off if we need them and give us a chance to plan something ahead of time. My wife’s employer on the other hand puts out the schedule on a Saturday for the following week beginning on […]

Missing Teaspoons

At work last night and probably for the 1000th time in the past 30 years there is a certain point in the service when you are getting a dessert or coffee , of which we use the same spoon for each where I work , and someone blurts out , ” where are the spoons??” […]