Monthly Archives: December 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope your 2012 is a good one and your dreams come true. Thanks for reading and keeping in touch. As for me maybe a healthier year for us here at home would be my only wish. And maybe a holiday in the summer this time. I could add other things but I think I […]

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Here is Something For You to Read While I Am On the Mend

Here is part of this book I am writing. Excuse any grammatical errors for the time being. This post is on some of what happened early on. In 1979. It was a lunch shift and no one really warned me that I would be waiting on tables and not bartending. After having taken a bartending […]

No Blogging for Awhile

Called in sick tonight and going to the doctor or hospital tomorrow.

Please Let Me Be Healthy

Just 7 more days. Please no hacking or coughing. No side of my back pain. Let me sleep right through through the night one time. As I get older I find waiting on tables this time of year just wears me out. Presents to buy, things to do, and not enough time.

What Kind of Person Takes a Bartending Course Anyway?

The question I ask myself is who decides to take a bartending course anyway? Now that I teach bartending I think I can come up with that answer. If you are like I was you might be jumping from job to job with the only thing to show for it is a small amount of […]

Prepare to be Excellent

The other night I was giving the students the bartending test so I can give them some kind of mark for the course. It is a pretty easy test and throughout the 10 weeks if they had been reading the notes I had been giving out each week they would have no problem passing. So […]

French Cooking Term of the Week

Each week in the newsletter I feature a French Cooking Term of the Week that is fun to know. I can imagine a Michelin Star Chef working somewhere in Paris with his French accent over hot ovens yelling at the waiters to pick up their food while it is still hot. Here is last week’s […]

Good Thing I Counted the Money

The other night I had this 4-top and their bill came to $337 and change. They gave me a stash of money and said that it was all mine. Sometimes I count it quickly and other times I just stick it in my wallet. Anyway because the bill was pretty high I wanted to see […]