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Take out , Take out , Take out!

I got this table of 6 teachers tonight.They order their Diet Pepsi and Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris and after some discussion are now ready to order their food. I bring the food out and one of them instantly upon putting the plates down asks me if I can bring her a take out container. Now or […]

A Waiter’s Dream

Thursday night I got this table of 2. It was a young couple in the mid -20’s and I believe their native tongue was from Slovakia , Romania , or one of those countries where their last name probably ended in “ich.” Anyway he ordered a bottle of wine and their starters and also ordered […]

The First Thing You Should Do Upon Greeting a Guest

Yesterday I was back at work for my start at 3:15.I always go way early when I have to open and since I was off for 3 days I thought I would head out to be there for 2:30.One thing I hate is to have to rush to get everything done then the first customer […]