Monthly Archives: November 2008

It’s Started

Last night at work was busy and now I feel that the Season is upon us. It was the busiest Friday in a few weeks. The people were drinking more , eating more , conversing more , and the tables were bigger than usual. My average cheque was higher so I made good money without […]


Chardonnay , unlike Pinot Noir last week’s grape variety , is very easy to grow. It can grow in warm or cool climates and this together with it’s world wide popularity makes this grape the vitner’s favourite. It buds early and ripens early just after the Pinot Noir so it makes for a good grape […]

Komodo Indonesia

While I was working on the cruise ship and doing 10 day cruises between Singapore and Bali I had the once in a life time opportunity to go ashore by tender to the island of Komodo. What was so special about this was this island was inhabited by the Komodo Dragon. We would get a […]

The Manhattan and Some other Cocktails

I had to follow the Martini last week with the Manhattan this week. When I am teaching the bartending class these two cocktails everyone learns first as I really believe they are the pair that everyone should know whether you like to drink them or not. I personally do not care for either but if […]

You Gotta Love Happy Hours Your First Night

Last Monday I talked about my first job in the Hospitality Industry as a Barboy at the Dorval Hilton Airport. This first experience was a real eye opener for me to what all took place during a hot and heavy night in those disco days and the kind of cash one could possibly make. It […]

The Case of Did She Eat Here Before Or Didn’t She?

There was something strange that happened last night at work. I get this table of 2 and they are coming to it with their drinks when the woman pipes up that her Long Island Ice Tea tastes too tart and that maybe the bartender has put too much lemon in it. Well , I said […]

Funny How Things Work Out

Here it is Saturday morning and outside it is -8 C and the snow is covering everything. I am fighting a cold especially in my throat but I have a feeling it has moved up to my nose. So this is good as I am back to work tonight so at least I will be […]