Monthly Archives: October 2008

I Have to Ask But Are You a Senior?

It is Halloween today and I have the day off work from the restaurant so I can take out the kids for trick or treating. It will be fun and I am looking forward to it. But something happened yesterday to me that makes this Halloween seem extra special. You see it seems just like […]

A Normal Day Off

Yesterday I was off from the restaurant for the 3rd day in a row. You see Monday nights I teach Bartending so I really don’t consider that a day off so actually I really have been totally not working for Tuesday and Wednesday. So to give you an idea of what I do on my […]

Be Assertive in Your Job Hunt

One of my students in the Bartending Class that I teach who works as an investment advisor , happens also to be opening up a restaurant here in town at the recreation centre on December 1st. He is taking the course to learn something about how a bar operates. Good thing too as he is […]

Only a Few Go On

Last night was the halfway point in the Bartending Course I teach at a local college here in Orangeville and it was also the night when the students fill out a course evaluation on what they think of the course so far. Along with teaching them the basics of bartending and cocktail recipes that one […]

A Drink Request I Couldn’t Fill

This is a very short blog. On Saturday night someone asked me if they can have a Virgin Long Island Ice Tea. I said no we do not have that drink. Really now what were they thinking for a drink , a couple of ounces of lemon barmix and a dash of coke? Hmmm……… Sometimes […]

Bring it On I Say

You know it when you feel it. As a server and things are humming something clicks and you become calm and find yourself in a zone. I feel I am getting in that zone right now peaking toward Christmas. Friday and Saturday were very busy with 2-3 hour waits. My section was humming and on […]

It’s Worth Repeating

The other night I am taking the order from this couple. She orders for him and she orders a Steak and Lobster. I repeat it back to her and ask her how she’d like the steak cooked. She says medium rare and away I go and punch it into the system. Upon delivery and after […]

The Fifth Most Popular Article of All Time

Tonight was a slow night at work and I have heard it has been slow all week so far.This could be the time of year , the calm before the storm being Christmas , or is it that and the economic downturn that is forever in the news each day. I am wondering how people […]

If I Was 20 Years Old Today Here is What I Would Do

I have been fortunate with regards to the Hospitality Industry and the opportunity it has given me to travel and meet lots of people. So with what I know today I might have done things almost the same but started a lot earlier. I would have moved things up 5-6 years to reach higher in […]

It is Not About the Money You Make but The Time You Spend

During Christmas in the past I have been used to work many hours no matter where I have been. Usually upwards of 70 hours a week. This is my first Christmas that I will be working at my present job so you can imagine my amazement when I came in last night to work and […]