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Read Your Guests

The other night we got slammed and the kitchen was running behind. I had this couple who had a some appetizers and salad and were waiting for their main course to arrive. My other table got their food and I was running food all around in that area to different tables. I saw them start […]

Great Verbal Tips This Weekend Grrrrrrr….

I don’t know how many times people said great meal and great service and left me just the minimum. I mean how many tables do I have to do to make great money when people are leaving 8 , 9 , and $10? All I can do is hurry through the numbers and hope by […]

Our Own Gold Medal Game

Great athletes and artists inspire me. Probably because they are in the spotlight and we know them from what they do while performing their area of expertise. The Olympics have always been a source of inspiration to me because of what ordinary people will do when they set their mind to it. Achievements and goals […]

Thanks But I Will Just Stick To Buying My Own Beer

Last night was not one of your busy nights. I had 3 tables going and then I was cut and walked out with $46. So I planted myself at the bar and ordered myself a couple of staff beers and watched our Canadian hockey team eke out a shootout win over the mighty Swiss. For […]