Monthly Archives: May 2011

You Gotta Know When to Hold’em and Know When to Fold’em

What I do know about working at the Airport that I didn’t know before are the following….. I know that what is said or not said during an interview is not always the truth. The truth about working at the airport is I was never told about restaurant rotation every 6 months and where you […]

Golden Rules for Living

Simple but true words.

I Started To Feel Like I Wanted to Get Outta There

Yesterday I went to get my temporary passcard for the airport so I wouldn’t have to be escorted in all the time by someone I work with through the secure area. I had to go to this security briefing for 90 minutes at 8:30am till 10am then hung around till 11am to go get my […]

So Where Is My Chicken Caesar?

The other night I am working and this lady orders a chicken caesar. Twenty minutes later I am still waiting for it. I can’t believe it is not out yet. I go into the kitchen and ask where is my chicken caesar for table 109. The cook barks back it is already gone and I […]

How to Travel The World For Free (1-2 Years & More) |

Here is Sunday’s feature. Check this one out especially if you have a couple of years to travel. Great ideas and site to boot.

Aw C’mon This Is Silliness

Yesterday I go into work and it is kind of slow but since I am closing I know it will get busy later on when people start heading out after their 8 hour shifts are complete. Then the manager comes up to me and says I am sending you over to another restaurant where they […]

A Pleasant Surprise

I went to my place of work today only to find out that the other restaurant ( the one I like ) needed me to replace someone that was sick. Now this is a good thing. Had a great night and next week I am replacing someone who is going on holiday in the same […]

Roll Ups

I work in a restaurant in an airport with a very high turnover. Where people come to eat and say they have a plane to catch. Really? I thought you were here for a 5 course dinner and catching a movie later?? Our settings are pretty simple. A fork and a knife and a napkin. […]

If I Hear This One More Time I Am Going To Scream

“You know Steven your request to have Monday nights off to teach Bartending can change if someone with more seniority wants that night off.” Yeah I know that but do you have to keep reminding me! Like really if working for a union was this much trouble I might have second guessed my decision to […]

The Ultimate Dog Tease

If you have a minute this is spreading on youtube pretty quick. It is hilarious albeit a bit cruel but the dog probably got his treat after this one!