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Instant Gratification As Opposed to Delayed Gratification

For a long time I was always taught that you should lean toward  things that delayed gratification. Do the work now and eventually it will pay off in the years ahead of you. When you go to University you spend a few years learning your craft then hopefully you come out and find a good […]

Empower Your Weakest Server

You have a weak server on the floor. You know this just because that person seems to be holding back a bit. They appear to be hesitant in their manner and not going for it. Maybe scared of making a mistake. It could be this person is still not sure if this is the right […]

The First Time In 10 Years

I got another call from work the following day on my second day off in a row. I called them back this time knowing there was no way I could get into work , unlike the night before when they found someone else by the time I called them back. There is swimming and piano […]

35 Days Off This Month

My wife and I had in total 35 days off this month and we still averaged a little over $900 a week take home pay. What business can you work in that gets you that kind of income and have that much time off to spend with your kids in the summer time? I don’t […]

Here Are 3 Interesting Questions To Think About

Here is some thoughts for you to ponder while trying to answer these questions. 1. When you started working in the Hospitality Industry how long were you planning to work in it when you began? 2. If you are still in it , are you in it longer than you expected to be? 3. And […]

The Answers

Okay how did you do on yesterday’s quiz? 1. This wasn’t an easy one but the mammal that makes a good venison and found in the mountainous regions of the southern alps and Pyrenees of Southern France and northern Spain is called Chamois. 2. A la printaniere means spring vegetables usually prepared by tossing in […]

Wouldn’t It Have Been Nice If Tom Watson Won Today

Tom Watson as you may have heard was one putt away on the 18th hole today from becoming the oldest player ever to win an Open at 59 years of age. That putt on the 18th went wide of the hole creating a playoff that Tom Watson never made a challenge on and his opponent […]