Teaching and Other Good Things

Well the bartending class I teach is going great. I have a group of enthusiastic students who are right there from beginning to end and don’t even want to stop for a break. I had a great week at work. The income was excellent and things are picking up where my wife is working lunches. I even filled up my gas tank today so that is a good sign.

Some people have subscribed to my newsletter and they will receive their first one tomorrow when it goes out. Each Wednesday there is a new one. If you want you can always subscribe and if you don’t like it you can opt out anytime you want. It is simple. And don’t forget to try your hand on the quiz.

My wine review on the page will talk about a wine I am tasting giving you details on the vitner , terroir , grape variety , and region. A drink recipe and a customer service tip will also be included.

Here is something that I heard very positive yesterday on the Business Network. This guy said and this is what the news media hasn’t been saying is that when the times were good there were 5% unemployment. Now at least in the States there is 10% unemployment that is reported.

So that means 5% of the people have actually lost their jobs and 95% have kept theirs’. He mentioned as well that retail outlets seem to think they may have to hire more people than they originally thought for the upcoming Xmas season. In other words the 95% that have been holding back are starting to spend again. If they start doing that and the money crisis over in Europe gets straightened out we could be in for a boom pretty soon despite what a lot of people are saying.

I tend to agree. The media overblows this stuff. I know it is tight out there for a lot of people but soon I think there is going to be a breakthrough. The 95% are going to stop holding back and start spending again.

Watch for this upcoming season I think there is going to be a whirlwind of money circulating and those who work as waiters and bartenders are going to profit by it. As well as you know the millionaires who already have loads of cash………

Here is something else to digest. The top 400 earners in the USA earn more than the bottom 150 million.

Well without trying to sound silly but maybe they earned it?? I don’t think Bill Gates spent his time watching Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night , do you?

Ha Ha


  1. Great post as usual. America is a lot more cut-throat than Canada is and most of those MF's didn't earn it, they inheirited or scammed. Of course Gates wasn't watching Hockey Night in Canada, he was watching Monday Night Football where they go for it on 3rd down! He owns a piece of the Seahawks, an example of Karma coming back on him!

  2. Joe Sixtop…he can own whatever he wants after that work he put in early on. Ha ha. I know it is a tough go out there for most and we as waiters know too well. Actually I wanted to ask what you thought of the newsletter.

  3. I used to work as a silver service waiter in a hotel – it was the best fun ever – I used to work night shifts and often considered working on cruise ships as a 'free' way to travel the world – I realate to your blog and want to read more about the Waiter Extroadinaire

  4. bREaD-4Dinner…thanks and glad you like the blog. I have worked as a silver service waiter as well one time.

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