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Renaissance VIII 1992 ( I opened this one )

Renaissance VIII Cruise Feeling a bit nostalgic right now. I helped open this ship back in 1992. When you click on the link above it will give you the details and the photo. First I opened the seventh ship named Regina Renaissance and during the same contract headed to this one to open it as […]

How Do You Clear Your Table Where You Work?

Now the standard procedure for fine dining is to wait for everyone to finish eating before you begin to clear the dirty plates away off the table. But as most often the case in fine dining you have a busser or someone else to help you clear off those big tables. That busser or food […]

Has The Average Dollar Per Person Dropped For the Average Joe Out There?

Now if you work in a real fine dining restaurant where people go in and think nothing of dropping a couple of hundred bucks for a meal with a fine bottle of wine included this probably doesn’t apply to you. But let’s say you work in a place where the average joe goes like the […]