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53 Years and Counting

Today I am 53 years old. I have the day off and just going to do a lunch with the wife.The only difference I find with waiting on tables now compared to let’s say 20 years ago is the morning after. I am not as limber getting out of my bed as I used to […]

What Would Have Given You That Idea ?

Last night I was the closer so what happens is I get the last table of 8 that had a reservation for 9:15 but arrives a half hour late. They were only 6 at that point and were still waiting for the other two. I had at that point given up on making it an […]

Our Own Gold Medal Game

Great athletes and artists inspire me. Probably because they are in the spotlight and we know them from what they do while performing their area of expertise. The Olympics have always been a source of inspiration to me because of what ordinary people will do when they set their mind to it. Achievements and goals […]

March Is A Pivotal Month

March for me has been the month to get things set up for the summer. So it is work for me this month beginning with picking up two shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday so I am on 6 in a row. It has been slow some nights during February due to the enthusiastic viewing of […]

When Upselling This Word Works For Me

I have noticed lately that my check average is about $10 higher in the last month or so which I guess you could say has helped me make okay money when compared to others whom I work with. Especially in these slow times we are experiencing. One thing I am really focusing on is selling […]

It Was Relentless

Okay I haven’t commented or posted over the weekend due to the hundreds of people we served over the weekend. Valentines combined with the fact it fell on the weekend meant Friday Saturday and Sunday were going to be busy. Today is a provincial holiday so it will be busy again but I am not […]

My Best Top 5 Jobs – Number 2

The last few weeks I have been going through what I consider my top 5 jobs of all time. Some that were pretty good didn’t make the list but the reason why I chose what I did choose was not only were they fine jobs but each one changed my life in a certain way. […]