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A Small Price to Pay

Whenever there is a meal served to someone and it is not cooked properly there is only one thing to do to ensure the guest even considers coming back.If you cannot fix it either by doing a recook or offering something else you must buy it for them.Why you ask , because in order for […]

How to Effectively Manage a Dining Room Team

Here is an article I did a while back about being an effective Dining Room Manager.I only know one thing that while I was a Maitre’d on the ships and a Restaurant Manager on land the best example I could do is work harder than everyone else at the beginning and set the bar high.Any […]

The 5 Common Complaints in a Restaurant and How the Waiter Can Avoid Them

Every Food and Beverage waiter relies on what a customer tips , not just on their hourly wage, in order to make a decent living. So with the consumer’s eroding disposable income and more restaurants to choose from in history , it is imperative the waiter provides great service to get that person to come […]

The Best Way to Train a New Employee in a Restaurant

One of the most important attributes a restaurant can have besides great food, atmosphere, wine and cocktail list , is a very highly attentive trained staff. This goes without saying so why is it so few restaurants get it right out there? With the exception of the grand opening when all new staff are hired […]