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When You Could Just Walk In and Get Hired

I was recalling when there were always plenty of jobs in this business. When in 1991 in Jasper I actually worked in 3 different restaurants at one time. I worked breakfast at the Lobstick Lodge till 11:30 then zipped to Mama Teresa’s, an Italian food restaurant, where I started at noon. Then I would get […]

It Has Been Totally Awesome!

It has been a week since my last post. The next day I was going to post something but with the kids out for Spring break I decided to delay it a day. Then the next day came and I didn’t post anything and the whole week just continued like that. For the past year […]

Finding the Balance

Since January when I started my new job waiting on tables in this restaurant which specializes in steaks I have noticed one thing about myself. I know longer peruse the want ads. Now for most of you this may seem inconsequential as most people who are working for someone right now generally are not looking […]