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Sexual Harassment Expiry Date

A co-worker showed me something tonight that we had a chuckle about. On the bulletin board for the restaurant there was a letter stating what the rules were concerning sexual harassment. Fine , but it was revised September 1st , 2010 and expires August 31st , 2011. So we laughed. Does that mean on September […]

You Gotta Know When to Hold’em and Know When to Fold’em

What I do know about working at the Airport that I didn’t know before are the following….. I know that what is said or not said during an interview is not always the truth. The truth about working at the airport is I was never told about restaurant rotation every 6 months and where you […]

Busy Getting Slammed

The other day and for the next two weeks there are 3 of us working breakfast and early lunch. One person went on holiday. So my section was from table number 121 to 142. That is right 22 tables in my section. During the shift I sold more than I did the previous night working […]

My Legs are Kind of Rubbery Today

It is nice to be off today. I had to get a shift change to teach my Bartending course last night so in order to get it I worked Sunday night from 2:30 to 11:00 then got home and worked the next morning from 5:30 to 2:00. When I got into bed last night after […]

Next Month a New Restaurant

No I haven’t changed companies but as I mentioned a few posts ago they rotate you with different restaurants in the airport. At first when I heard about this I thought I would end up with nothing very good. Some outlets are busier than others. But much to my surprise with last pick I found […]

How the Handover of My Station Works

You know in most places the supervisor will tell you that you are cut and not taking any more tables and someone else will take over your section. Well in this spot I am working you sort of cut yourself. If you don’t no one will. What happens is the lunch through evening staff comes […]

The Only Thing Bad About Unions Is When You Are the Lowest in Seniority

Okay so the new job is going good. Getting up in the morning I am getting used to and having the evenings off is great cause that is when all the action happens as to getting to find out what your kids were up to in school etc. etc…. Except in this unique circumstance I […]