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Felt Like Fall Tonight

We had a line up at the door tonight for a while. I ended up doing 14 tables and 38 covers with $1390 dollars in sales. It was looking not so good at the beginning of the night but it got better as the night went on. Got this French table from Montreal and they […]

The Answers to Today’s Quiz

Okay here are the answers. 1. This liqueur goes by the name of Stag’s Breath. 2. Le Touche is the name of this liqueur. 3. Parfait Amour is the liqueur and translated means perfect love of course. 4. Tapa in Spanish means lid or cover. Very good Bulletholes and George! 5. Langue in French can […]

A Brief Conversation That Changed Everything

After my two month or so stint on the SS Norway and my recoup of 1 week in Fort Lauderdale , I was back home to ponder what I was going to do after my hopes of working on a cruise ship had quickly vanished after this dreadful experience. In late 1986 I found a […]