Monthly Archives: July 2009

Here Are 3 Interesting Questions To Think About

Here is some thoughts for you to ponder while trying to answer these questions. 1. When you started working in the Hospitality Industry how long were you planning to work in it when you began? 2. If you are still in it , are you in it longer than you expected to be? 3. And […]

What Was It That Attracted You To Waiting on Tables Or Bartending?

For me it was the cash. Having money in your pocket at all times. Not having to wait for a cheque every two weeks. Anyone else out there have a different reason why they got hooked into the business?

Did I Do This Right?

Last night this table asked for the bill and as I had some drinks to get for a 6 top I wanted to get this table paid and out of the way. He pulled out a gift and debit card. I ran to get the portable debit machine and asked him if he ever used […]

The 5 Answers

Okay here it goes. 1. Du Barry in French cooking will always contain white cauliflower in the dish. 2. Debarrasser la table will mean clear the table. The accent on the first e is missing but not sure how to get the French keyboard to get that fixed. 3. Crecy in French cooking will have […]

5 Questions To Test Your Knowledge

Here is the 5 questions for this week. Answers will be posted tomorrow. George you did well last week so let’s see if you can continue raising the bar for the others. 1. In classical French Cooking when you see the name Du Barry what vegetable will always be part of the dish ? 2. […]

Here is a Tip

When doing a quality check on a steak and let’s say the guest has cut just the outside part of the steak and they say it is a tad overcooked have them cut the steak in the centre. Many times when they do that they will see it will be cooked just right. You can […]

I Can’t Complain

I do like July and August where I work. Tomorrow is the 7th shift this month so far. So that is about 30 hours. I will have 20 days off this month. I can’t complain.