Monthly Archives: April 2009

Dumb and Dumber Came To The Restaurant Last Night

I have a couple of good ones from last night. The first one is a lady who is waiting for her husband and while doing so orders a frozen margarita. She drinks that and orders another one. She finds out her husband has decided not to come and go out as she says somewhere else […]

Some Tips On Storing Wine

There is a few things when you store wine for any length of time in a wine cellar that everyone should be aware. 1. Temperature. The ideal temperature of a wine cellar can range anywhere between 7-18C ( 45 to 64F ) with the ideal temperature about 11C ( 52F ). The most important thing […]

The Answers to Today’s Quiz

Okay here are the answers. 1. This liqueur goes by the name of Stag’s Breath. 2. Le Touche is the name of this liqueur. 3. Parfait Amour is the liqueur and translated means perfect love of course. 4. Tapa in Spanish means lid or cover. Very good Bulletholes and George! 5. Langue in French can […]

The Quiz

The Tuesday quiz is here again. Where do the weeks go! 1. This liqueur takes it’s name from one of the whiskies mentioned in Sir Compton Mackenzie’s book ” Whiskey Galore.” It is a blend of Speyside Whiskey and fermented comb honey. What is the name of this liqueur? 2. This liqueur is produced in […]

An Incredible Serendipitous Chain of Events Leads To Marriage

In April of 1995 a new stewardess comes on board while our ship is in Monte Carlo. I was working as a waiter in the dining room and it was just after breakfast when I was heading out for an espresso and I see this red head at the reception with a suitcase. Having heard […]

The Choices We Make Make a Difference

Yesterday I went out to drop some resumes and when I walked into the place I realized that I wouldn’t want to work there. Then I thought about what I was thinking yesterday and about changing jobs and then it came to me what the real dilemma was. It was going on inside my head. […]

I Will Be Moving On Soon

I think I have had enough of Corporate Restaurants. It seemed like a good idea and worked wonderfully timewise but now have decided to hunt for a small fine dining restaurant for 4 – 5 evenings a week. Last night I had a table that was just weird and this couple had trouble written all […]