If I Had to Do It All Over Again

Okay I don’t start working till next week so I am doing some stuff with the kids around the house. My wife is back for 3 in a row starting tomorrow at work in what would be considered her first full week at work.

But to finish off what the title said , if I had to do it all over again knowing what I know now I would have studied and played the piano or guitar.

Seriously when I see my kids play the piano every Tuesday at the Conservatory I am amazed. When they play at home I am spellbound. A big smile comes to my face.

To be able to do something that few people can do and later on if you get good enough have others pay to see you perform. That is the ticket..Period

I say to them often do something different and get good at it. Practice.. Don’t be a conformist. Be unique at something and enjoy it.

I don’t know if they will continue to play the piano when they are older. But there are 10 grades. My oldest is on Level 4 and my youngest on Level 1.

I said to the teacher one time there is no hurry. This is a marathon and the goal is to finish all 10. He said to me that is good because sometimes it takes two years to finish one level. Wow I thought. What incredible knowledge to possess.

They were a bit bored today so took them to the library to get some books. My oldest got a bunch of how to do cartoon animation books and the other some good Geronomo Stilton books he enjoys.

They read a lot. Readers are leaders….

Reading + Information = Knowledge

Knowledge gives you an opinion on something and makes you become aware of and sociable with others. It makes you an interesting person to know and be with.

If you have nothing to say people will just walk away….


  1. My two youngest are voracious readers. I think they get it from Momma 😉 – People find it odd that I will let them read at the breakfast table [not in public mind you], but I think "What the heck…at least they are reading."The boys were harder to get to read, but I found that comic books and anime worked well. They get that from Dad. [Only because he has an amazing comic book collection from childhood.]And if I had to do it over again I would've stuck with the cello and skipped the flute. I love the cello.

  2. SkippyMom…Cello sounds good as well. Yeah I say let em read. That is a good thing for sure.

  3. That it Learning: Knowledge, keep it up, Steven, I'm sure you have a great family, that's the most important, balance and self-reliance. Happy blogging all, just passing and bookmarked on Google +1, nice to be here and reading useful and interesting entries. Have a wonderful weekend, all.

  4. English Tips…you said it. It is all about the balance. Have a great weekend too my friend.

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