It Was a Good First Night

I have to say I was very pleased with my first night back at my old job in a newly renovated restaurant. It looks real nice and if you added a tablecloth and a vase on the table it would outdo any fine dining restaurant. I am glad it doesn’t have that though because it still has that casual fine dining appeal.

But it is enough I think that people may want to instead get a sitter for their 2 year old whereas before you would see people bringing them in and letting them run around the restaurant.

As well with the warmer feel of the restaurant I believe you will see less the guest who wants to rush and get out as opposed to the guest who now comes to eat and wants to enjoy the ambience.

This will I expect lead to a higher guest check and a place you would want to reserve a table rather than just walk in and expect one because of the fast turnaround. Judging by the first night the tip average appears to be higher too.

In conclusion I believe this may lead to a more sophisticated guest who comes in for an occasion to share with others.

It has been awhile since I worked in such a fine place but one I can easily fit in quite nicely.

It is all good..

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