The Grass is Greener……

I am sure you have heard someone say that before. You know you leave something to try something else. You could be changing jobs , girlfriends , moving , dyeing your hair , wearing something outrageous. The list goes on.

Whenever I hear that I have to agree with them. The grass is always greener.

If it wasn’t greener I would be working where I was working at 17 years old at Humpty Dumpty still as a shipper receiver making minimum wage. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere cause there would have been too much change and risk for one to handle. I certainly wouldn’t have met my wife and had two great kids if I stayed put and thought the same.

In other words if you don’t think that the grass is greener on the other side you end up doing nothing all your life. No risk no gain.

There was a waiter that worked at the airport since 1969. 42 years he has worked there and he even got fired once and returned. He is 67 years old and he says one more year and he is retiring. Now he may be happy but I couldn’t do it.

So as I return to my job that I had before the airport that saying comes to mind.

I am apt to think that throughout my life I always thought the grass was greener. After all that is how I found the job I am returning to this coming week.

If I didn’t think the grass was greener I would be still working at Humpty Dumpty having done pretty much nothing my entire life up to now.

Not only has the grass is greener thinking helped me out but it has helped me develop as a human being. I can’t imagine playing things safe through all the years. You gotta try some things.

So I am fired up and ready to go starting Tuesday. I am excited about this coming few months.

I am even inclined to say that imagine a top waiter you know and multiplying that by ten times. That is how ready to go I am.

A new restaurant , television appearances coming up in the Fall. Wife and kids doing good.

Yes my friends the grass is greener…….


  1. Best wishes tomorrow. Isn't it great to have a job?

  2. SkippyMom….thank you. I have had a hard time to post about anything. Yes it is and a brand new restaurant too.

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