Our Own Gold Medal Game

Great athletes and artists inspire me. Probably because they are in the spotlight and we know them from what they do while performing their area of expertise. The Olympics have always been a source of inspiration to me because of what ordinary people will do when they set their mind to it. Achievements and goals are realized. Even the athletes who do not win are some of the best in the world at what they do.

Which brings me to this thought. Whatever we do in life we have to aspire to do well. We may not be paid millions of dollars a year and win a gold medal but when we head into work are we going to win a gold medal for service or are we just toddling along for the ride?

Just a thought…



  1. little victories….that's all I ask for….little victories along the way

  2. I may ONLY be a SAHM – but I think I have the best job in the whole world. And I am proud of what Pooldad and I have accomplished with out 1/2 dozen kids – they grew up right.Couldn't ask for more – and have never desired to be CEO of anything.

  3. Manuel….little victories add up to bigger ones. The little ones happen more frequently so we feel better more often. That is important.

  4. SkippyMom…right on! You have done a fine job as a parent. The most important job in the world.

  5. And an excellent thought at that! Our industry needs more people with THAT attitude!

  6. Don…we do not only in our industry but everywhere. Good to hear from you Don!

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