March Is A Pivotal Month

March for me has been the month to get things set up for the summer. So it is work for me this month beginning with picking up two shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday so I am on 6 in a row.

It has been slow some nights during February due to the enthusiastic viewing of the Olympics and this afternoon’s gold medal hockey game promises another slow night. Starting at 4 PM today I expect it to be pretty dead and I will get an early cut. Thus the reasoning behind picking up two shifts.

As a side note there is a contest for best average cheque this week and the winner gets a dinner and drinks. Tonight is the last night of the contest and at this moment yesterday I was ahead. So that would be nice to catch. I had a decent average last night as well.

So I am pretty psyched for March so bring it on and with it some warmer temperatures and Spring. Can’t wait!



  1. March has been my best month outside of December for the last few years….fingers crossed it's a good one this year too…oh and well done in the Hockey…

  2. As you're turning into warmer weather, I'm turning to cooler weather.Its amazing how much sport affects business. We always know its going to be a quiet night when a major game or grand final is on for really any sport. Hope you get the dinner and drinks. Nice bonus.

  3. Manuel…hoping so too as the slow season starting in May begins. This month is when I pay for a few things taking place in the summer for the kids. As for hockey thank you. What a game that was.

  4. Caz…we got slammed when the game ended though. They cut a few people before and the rest of us were running around. The cheque average was low though. Definitely not a shoo in for the dinner yet.

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