What Would Have Given You That Idea ?

Last night I was the closer so what happens is I get the last table of 8 that had a reservation for 9:15 but arrives a half hour late. They were only 6 at that point and were still waiting for the other two.

I had at that point given up on making it an early exit as I had 3 other tables on the go. One of which was passed off to me by another waiter who was pre close. This couple had already sat there for two hours without ordering anything. Not even a drink! I did get them to order their meal but they were eating very slowly.

Anyway back to this table of 8. Instead of waiting for the last two to arrive they order some starters. Finally about 10:10 the table becomes eight. They order their mains 15 minutes later. It is a nice total so far. They get their meals and everyone is happy.

The other table of two who have been there all night order a dessert. This lady is eating so slow I cannot believe it. Finally they finish.

Meanwhile the doors are locked , the bar is closed , and it is going on midnight. To my great dismay my table of eight East Indians who are accustomed to eating late go out for a smoke.

At this point I bill the couple to get them on their way out the door. The East Indians who are smoking outside now want to get in cause the door is locked.

Now you would think they would now know if the door is locked that we are closed , right? Just to make light of the matter I let them back in with a sorry we are closed statement. They laugh. They get their dessert and I bill them. A $412 bill and they leave me $45. I guess for East Indians that wasn’t too bad although a few dollars more I would have made $150 for the night which would have been nice.

I do my cash out and come back out and the two finally after I tell them we are closed get up to leave. Meanwhile the table of eight are still sitting there ready to spend the night. Now you would think if you were outside and the door was locked and walked by the bar with the lights off you might think we should let this guy go home. They are closed.

I walk over and I look at them. They look back and ask me if they are keeping me late. What do you F##@@in think? The door was already locked when you went out for a smoke , the music is off , the lights are off in the bar , the kitchen is closed , the bus boy has left the settings here on the other table for me to set yours’ up when you go cause he is gone , the dishwasher is even packing up to go , and you are wondering if you are keeping me? NOOOOOOOoooooooooooo……

What would have given you that idea????



  1. I call that 'held hostage'. People can be unbelievably impolite and inconsiderate. I would have forgiven them.. had they tipped worth a damn.

  2. "Why no sir. This look of disdain on my face is a reflection of your poor tipping abilities."No I wouldn't have said it. It is sarcasm. Just in case you want to correct me. lolPS my verification word is "pubbying" shouldn't that be a real word ala' "bar hopping"? They can tell people they went pubbying last night. Hee.

  3. omg…D E N S E..

  4. Waitress Diary…the tip was a big disappointment I have to be honest.

  5. SkippyMom…things I would have liked to have said…

  6. Cat…That is a very good description of this table.

  7. aaaaarrrggghhh! I hate people…..

  8. Manuel..it's hard not to when this happens.

  9. OMG!! i feel your pain!!! but at leat im lucky i work in a 24 hr restaurant so if i wanna go i can transfer the table to someone else.Sometimes makes me made to do so cause i did all the work and i have give the table away..Great post!

  10. Anonymous…you are fortunate but right also about giving up a table after doing all the work.

  11. Every place I've worked over the last 30 years has left me with the option of telling a customer that the dining room is closed, thanking them for their patronage and telling them that they either must adjourn to the bar or, if there is no separate bar, that we will enjoy seeing them next time, using the excuse that the night porters or cleaners are ready to clean up and/or that the register must be closed out for the shift.I have rarely had a problem with this. What is the policy at your place that you are not allowed to close out a check when it's long past serving time? I would think that the management would want to close you out.

  12. Strong 30…welcome and thank you for your comment. While they had paid and continued sitting around I closed off my deposit and came back out to see them. So they showed no signs of leaving when I had to get over and they finally got the impression that they were holding me up. Depends what manager is working that night. Some are scared of pissing the people off. So it is my way of telling them to leave in a nice way that gets them out. Very little back up from management on this one. They would rather pay me to stand around and wait till they leave eventually.

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