Seriously You Gotta Be Kidding?

This table tonight the boy wanted another root beer so the mother asked me if sodas were refills and I said they sure were. Totally serious she then asked me if the draft beer she was drinking was as well.

No…I said. Okay she answered , I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask…

Seriously , you gotta be kidding??


  1. I honestly would have laughed thinking she was making a cute joke. Oops.How stoopid 😛

  2. bloody hell thats a bit ballsy… refills, i wish!

  3. SkippyMom…I started to but like she was being serious. They were a funny table but not a bad tip at the end of it all.

  4. Cat…The place would be packed all the time wouldn't it? Heh

  5. Ah, she was seeing if you had a sense of humor! I hope…

  6. AZ…maybe but I do just not sure if she did. She was pretty serious.

  7. A case of trying her luck?:)

  8. There used to be a band here in the Bay Area called "Free Beer", that opened for a lot of bigger name club acts, so when they put the ads in the paper for headliners, it would read something like, "Los Lonely Boys plus Free Beer." Just think how busy they would be if "Free Re-Fills" opened for "Free Beer"?

  9. Nativenapkin…that is catchy for a band name. Clubs must have loved booking them just to get the people in. That is too funny.

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