If You Are Not Doing This Right Now You Are Not Making Enough Money

Everybody should be making great money this time of year no matter what because people are in the spirit of giving but as a waiter or bartender to open up their wallets even more you have to do this one thing this time of year.

When you present the tab at the end of the meal look the person directly in the eye and sincerely wish him or her a very Merry Christmas and a safe one with their friends and family and after that thank the table and wish them the same as a group.

It is not like you have to but if you sincerely wish the best for others they will naturally feel the same toward you. This time of year is truly a no brainer as this is the best time for everyone and everyone needs that wish from others.

It brightens their experience dining at your establishment and also brightens you up as well adding to the festive spirit.

Next Monday I continue with my job history.

A good holiday to everyone.


  1. You are so right! I am sure I would enjoy you as my waiter…

  2. yup I am rolling in green right now…..literally rolling…..I’m so juvenile sometimes. Have a good one steve……

  3. Chef E…welcome and happy you agree. I would like to add your site to my blog roll if you don’t mind. Very informative.

  4. Manuel…it is a great time of year for the tips.Off for 3 now to enjoy eating and making merry.Have a great one Manuel!

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