I Was Lucky Tonight

This morning my wife had one table for breakfast and made $9. At noon I asked my neighbour who is a Bar Manager at this rib place if he has been busy. He has been so slow that in the evening he has cut it down the last couple of nights to just the waiter and bartender just so they can walk out with $100.

So I go into work tonight and once again there is hardly any cars in the parking lot. I have one table reserved for a 7 and another for 5. The seven comes in and the five which turned into a 4 arrives shortly after. Except the 4 doesn’t want to sit there. They are moved elsewhere and I get another table and they don’t want to sit there either so they head to the bar as well.

I am wondering aside from this 7 I have whether I am going to get another table before I am cut , cause it is real slow. Finally I get a 2 then another 2 and finally the last table I will get this evening.

The first deuce leaves me $20 , the second deuce $15 , and the 7 leaves me $56 , then my last table gives me another $20.

I walk out of there at 8:46 after starting at 6 with $91 in my pocket after tip out of $20. With 4 tables that could have been another horrific night. But I was happy with that.

But boy has it been slow and looking in the reservation book it doesn’t look like till next week before we see some action. It sure has been a different Christmas season this year and everywhere around here is suffering by the sounds of it.

Have you started to see the action yet? I hope so for your sake.


  1. I can see a total difference at my bar. Last year on thursday nights we would have four at front bar, a back bar, and a tub. This year we barely need four at the front bar and the rest are cut. That said, I did make 45 for working an hour (after tip out). But, the thing is, it is never busy enough at night to work more than an hour or two because I'm one of the later ones that goes on. So yeah, 45 bucks in an hour is good. But, that's at about four hours a week, and that just plain sucks.

  2. Hey Steve, our week begins slow but always ends with a bang. Tips have and generally are poor. But I guess the pay is a bit better. If we had to bump up the pay we would be out on the streets. I hope it does get better for you soon.

  3. BB…that is the thing. The tips are not bad but the night ends early with only one turn. Same like you are saying. Just not many people going out.

  4. Ranting Chef….Thanks I hope it picks up soon too but by the time it does it will be too late. The tips are already down from last year. It is the recession.

  5. You definitely had a good night for only four tables, wow! Great work! Sorry about your wife's morning… that's never fun. This week has been PAINFUL. The key for me has been getting the closing shifts and asking that as many people be cut as possible. I've been able to squeak out a slightly normal couple nights with that. Not closing tonight, so I'll be one of the "cut early"s! I think the week after Thanksgiving is usually excruciating. Hopefully will pick back up as people have family visiting, go out after shopping, etc…

  6. A Nova Server…actually closing is better these nights as long as you have the person at the door cutting early. If not it is the same thing. Not much. Hope it picks up for you too.

  7. I have found business to be much slower this year than last. I only work one evening shift a week and am often cut two hours before close and I am the only server. There are some Fridays that I only make $50 all night.

  8. LW…it is happening everywhere. It is no better next door so no use looking to see about changing a job. Better to sit tight and wait it out. January and gift cards I am looking forward to already. Never thought I would be saying that. Hope it picks up where you are too.

  9. I keep looking at my reservation book. Staring it down waiting for the covers to grow to our normal eighty to a hundred a night. I know my dining room enough to know that we generally get about 40% in walk-ins what our reservation book says. I was right on target. Last night there was twelve on the books.. twelve!! we ended the night at twenty.. So, tonight there are forty so we should do about seventy. With three servers this pretty much means we'll at the very least be over a bill!! Finally. Lately it seems that one of our nights is awesome and the rest painful… I have cleaned and organized everything I can think of. I have done all the busy work and have been reduced to re-doing crap that doesn't really need to be done. I have more napkins folded, wine folds done, escargot plates ready than I have ever had… The Christmas season needs to start. In a big way.

  10. Confessions of a Waitress..right now if I make a $100 a night that is exceptional. You are right it has to start soon.

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