Bring it On I Say

You know it when you feel it. As a server and things are humming something clicks and you become calm and find yourself in a zone. I feel I am getting in that zone right now peaking toward Christmas.

Friday and Saturday were very busy with 2-3 hour waits. My section was humming and on top of making excellent money and % average tip , I sold the most and served the most out of all the servers.

Stupid people are not going to bother me and a lousy tip isn’t going to bother me. Just keep the hammer down and flip the tables all the while giving the best service possible. That is all it is , take the order and go as quick as possible , time the meals properly , be always in control and don’t let silly customers bother you with their stupidity.

Tonight for instance I experienced something I never have before. This person ordered a dish and even after the table check in which she said it was fine , I noticed upon clearing she hardly ate it and I asked her again how it was. She complained it was too salty. Okay fine I had the manager go over while I tossed her meal out. Lo and behold she still wanted to take it home so we had to cook another one up for her because I tossed hers’ out figuring of course why if she complained about it would she want it to take home!! I mean really c’mon. I never saw anyone complain and not eat something then want to take it home after. That is a new one for me and I have waitered quite a while.

But rather than let it bother me I just smiled and turned my attention to other tables while she waited for her take-out. I gave them the bill and that was it. Next group please. There is nothing you can do about it. Just who is coming next in my section is all I want to think about.

So bring it on , Christmas and all cause I am ready…..

Are you????


  1. in almost every respect my weekend was great, made money, made new friends, and had a great time at work. It was super busy and it was hard but the kitchen were good and it was a breeze. But one table, just one table has me now feeling depressed and unhappy. No matter that everything else was just brilliant I find myself focusing on the one that went sour… for Christmas? Bring it on!!

  2. Manuel…sounds like you had a great weekend too.Just forget about the table.When you leave work just leave it behind.That is where it belongs anyway.That table probably did.Just laugh , that is all we can do….

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